Perusahaan Grup Gula Telah Berkembang Di Bawah Kepemimpinan Mampu Of Gunawan Jusuf

November 19, 2015
The Chief Executive Officer of Sugar Group Companies is Gunawan Jusuf. He is a strong leader who has helped to streamline Sugar Group Companies considerably. By making the company more efficient, he has helped to push it towards greater success. CEO Gunawan Jusuf has worked hard to ensure that the company is serving the best interests of not only their customers, but also their employees.

Gunawan Jusuf has the experience that is necessary in order to help guide Sugar Group Companies through its most difficult challenges. He has taken on his responsibilities and handled them with aplomb as a leader should. Gunawan Jusuf wants Sugar Group Companies to run as efficiently as is possible and has taken great steps towards achieving that end. This includes streamlining the company, which is tougher than it sounds in a company with so many subsidiary companies, employees, and properties.